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Investments in Forest Technology

One of my favorite forestry blogs, is the Forisk Blog by Forisk Consulting. I recently read a technology related article on their site called “Timberland Investments and the Strategic Role of Technology” by Dr. Brooks Mendell. If you haven’t read this article, then pause here and go check it out. […]

Harvest Load Ticket Tracking

A fundamental process in the logging industry is keeping track of loads delivered from the woods to the mill. This is a process where inefficiencies abound, as loggers, dealers, and procurement teams accumulate time and expense accounting for these loads. A wood dealer representative once told me that his company […]

GIS on a “Boot” String Budget

If you work in a Forestry Profession, by now you’ve likely heard the term Geographic Information System (a.k.a.; GIS), and hopefully you already have some experience using one. Maybe you have an interest in learning how GIS can help your organization, but aren’t interested in breaking your budget. Well your […]

First Post

Welcome to The Forest Technology Blog! I am a forester first, and a technology enthusiast second. Like many of you, I became a forester because I loved the idea of working in the outdoors, and I still do! But, the longer I work in this profession and the more people […]