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Learning a Software Language: R or Python?

Ever wondered if you should learn a programming language? If so, stick around. In this article, my goal is to present a high-level view of two languages I have found useful in my forestry career for automating repetitive tasks — R and Python. My hope is that someone may have a similar desire to learn […]

Linear Programming for Short-term Harvest Scheduling

Harvest scheduling is a resource planning process aimed at deciding what areas of the forest (i.e.; stands) to harvest and when. On a small scale, Forest Managers may simply rely on experience, memory, and/or field notes when planning harvests. However, on a larger scale, this is inefficient and highly frowned upon. At its core, the […]

STEMS: Stem-Profile Model

In 1991, the USDA Forest Service, Southeastern Forest Experiment Station created a set of stem-profile taper models for 58 southern species and species groups. The Research Paper, known as SE-282, can be downloaded here. The research demonstrates how profile models are used to “predict stem diameter at any height” and “solve for volume to a […]

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