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Welcome to The Forest Technology Blog. My name is Jon Lunsford. I’m a Forester from Texas.

Why did I create this blog?

As a forester for nearly twenty years, I’ve seen a number of changes in our industry. Some would say that change is a good thing, but most people are fearful of change, the kind of change that makes a lasting impact anyway. But, I believe Forestry is on the brink of another major change, a technology change.

I believe that many of us get stuck somewhere on a technology plateau. We are comfortable working with off-the-shelf software packages, and a few smartphone apps, but very few of us really understand how impactful technology can be, and more importantly, how it can simplify our daily workload.

In an atmosphere of rising cost and competition, stagnant stumpage prices, and staff shortages, I believe that technology will play a larger role in helping companies reduce their investment risk and improve their bottom line. With this in mind, the purpose of this blog is to advocate for the effective use of technology in forestry, and to help foresters learn more about the products and solutions that are available to them.

I have often said, “Every time a forester goes to the field is an opportunity to collect data.” Hopefully you will agree with me that the effective use of technology is good step forward, and if handled correctly, can have a positive impact on our industry.

Jon W. Lunsford

Texas Forestry Association Accredited Forester, #59

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